The Old Wyvern

Storytelling, Events, Workshops and Games


Our Mission!

To tell wonderful tales and create memorable events!

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From the regular Exeter Folk Tale walks to distinct events we are available for hire for strange myths and legends to entertain and educate 


Historical weapon training using Live Action Role Play weapons so that anyone of any ability can join in. From regular workshops to personal training.

Bespoke Events

Live Action Roleplay events and Murder Mystery nights run for birthday parties, hen/stag nights etc.  

Private Hire

For anything from GMing private Roleplaying games to personal events.  


Forest Argent LARP

Our regular Live Action Role Play campaign being relaunched in March next year with day events. 

Our first weekend is in May with a wonderfuly dark tale of investigation and battle. 

Details here:

Rules and details here: Forest Argent


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